Alcons Audio in Riverside Theatres - Loud and Clear Audio Sales

Alcons Audio in Riverside Theatres - Loud and Clear Audio SalesAlcons loudspeakers are rapidly making a high profile name for themselves in Australia, with a range of live events which use the company’s systems now joined by a high profile theatre installation.

Located on the banks of the Parramatta River, the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta, Sydney, is a three-level space with proscenium arch and a capacity of 760. A very adaptable space, it is used principally for drama, comedy and musical theatre. However, it can be called upon to host almost any kind of production from live rock music, jazz, world music and opera to dance productions.

Installed by Sydney-based Loud And Clear, the Alcons system was chosen after a full day shootout with several other systems in front of an advisory panel selected by the theatre management, which consisted of a number of experienced audio engineers and consultants.

Alcons Audio in Riverside Theatres - Loud and Clear Audio Sales

The system comprises eight LR14 ultra-compact pro-ribbon line-array modules and three LR14B double 12” bandpass line-array bass systems flown in one central array with two BF302 Mk2 double 15” stacked subwoofers. The system is powered by ALC2 and ALC4 amplified loudspeaker controllers with DDP digital drive processors.

“The brief was to replace the centre cluster of the existing system with a full range, high quality system, with coverage to 98% of house,” says Loud And Clear’s David Betterridge. “With the wide horizontal dispersion of the Alcons LR14/120 pro ribbon loudspeakers, we nailed the coverage easily and their incredible fidelity caught the listening panel’s attention immediately.

He continues, “we felt Alcons had won the day, after the first track had been played through each system. We knew it was only going to get better when the panel started auditioning live sources and other content. Needless to say we’re proud to have been awarded the trust of the client: This installation is another proof of the growing presence of Alcons pro-ribbon systems in theatres in Australia”.

The final word is for Sean Clarke, Technical Co-Ordinator of Riverside Theatres: “Our new Alcons system gives you the feeling that the sound is coming directly from the performers on the stage. The throw and coverage is such that it makes every seat in the room seem intimate with the performers.” When listening to a recording recently, a touring engineer commented “you could tell he had just had a cigarette before recording that track”!

September, 2010