Lr7B - Alcons Audio - Loud and Clear

  • Double-tuned concentric band-pass design with high efficiency
  • Neodymium 12” driver for excellent performance-to-weight ratio
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight yet rigid cabinet construction
  • Stackable and flyable with LR7 line-array or in separate arrays
  • SIS pre-wired for very high damping and further reduced distortion (with ALC)
  • Durotect™ impact-resistant coating


LR7 and LR7B Flown - Alcons Audio - Loud and Clear The LR7Bass is a double-tuned band-pass bass system, matching the LR7 line-array in both permanent and portable applications. Featuring a single 12” long excursion woofer with Neodymium magnet structure, the LR7B delivers high quality, high output bass response from an ultra-compact and weight efficient package. The concentric bandpass configuration offers LR7-tuned bass response in full-space (flown) and increased efficiency in half-space (stacked) applications

The extended frequency response enables the LR7B to be used as mid-bass reinforcement, full-range bass extension or subwoofer.

The integrated flying system, combines light weight with high WorkingLoadLimit and makes for a quick system set-up in combination with the LR7 line-array module.

The LR7Bass features an integrated top hat, enabling a stand-mounted “top/sub” combination together with 3 units LR7 on the BRK3LR7 bracket (option). The SIS pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the LR7Bass and ALC;

The LR7Bass is to be used in combination with an ALC2 or ALC4 amplifier/controller, then delivering maximum sound quality and output power with dedicated and inaudible (power and excursion!) protection (SDP circuit).

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Response
+/- 3 dB 46 Hz – 200 Hz
+/- 10 dB 37 Hz –
Sensitivity (SPL 1W/M) 97 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Maximum RMS power 500 W
Maximum peak power 1600 W
SPL program/peak (nom.) 124-129dB
Dispersion H x V omni

Physical Specifications

System subwoofer, band-pass
Drivers LF 1 x AW12.3ND 12”, double vented
Cross-over frequency HP 40 Hz recommended
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL4 input / link
Physical dimensions mm
Height 411
Width 359
Depth 564
Weight (approx.) 19kg
Warranty 6 years limited


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