• 1x 3-phase 16 A CEE-form AC
  • 2x XLR signal in/out
  • 3x NL8 + AC loudspeaker out


The IO3 panel features power, signal input and loudspeaker output connections:

Power: one (1) three-phase 16Amp CEE-form connector (red) that leads to a 3-way Schucko socket block (one phase per socket), so up to three (3) ALC’s can be powered, each with their own power supply / phase.

Signal: one (1) 3-pin XLR female input connector that leads to one (1) cable with 3-pin XLR male, to be connected to the ALC signal input. From there, the signal can be linked from one ALC to the other by short XLR-XLR link cables. One (1) 3-pin XLR male output connector. To be used as signal distribution to other ALC racks.

Loudspeaker: three (3) NL8 output connectors that lead to three (6) NL4 cables/connectors, to be connected to the NL4 loudspeaker outputs of the ALC. This is used to connect Alcons active-filtered cabinets.